Industrial USB

Industrial Notebook Profibus 32-bit PCMCIA CP5512 card

CP5512 communication card is designed for notebook computers designed Isolated PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI/FWL industrial field bus communication cards, iCoupler isolation using magnetic coupling device to replace the optocoupler, small size, wide temperature range, RS485 port in an increase of anti-lightning and surge protection circuit since the resumption of over-current protection, Industrial application of the chips used in a wide temperature range, For the realization of notebook computers and network SIMATIC between PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI/FWL communications connection.

CP5512   card inserted outside the notebook's PCMCIA card slot (commonly known as: generation of cards, 54 mm card), Its function and application of 100% with Siemens CP5512 card (No. Siemens products: 6GK1 551-2AA00), and has the following new features:
1、RS485 adapter card use and the integration into one design, small size, simple to use, and RS485 port to increase anti-lightning and surge protection circuit.
2、The computer can work when random charged plug, plug-and-play. Since the card and adapter into one, it does not exist as Siemens CP5512 when the adapter card from the plug on the live easily damaged when a hidden danger.
3、CP5512   market to support the use of the conversion Express to PCMCIA adapter card, can have the Express slot (commonly known as: second-generation cards, 34 mm card, E cards, T card, gun card, etc.) on the use of laptop computers .
4、CP5512   market to support the use of the PCI to PCMCIA adapter card conversion, can be used on desktop computers, and Siemens CP5611 and CP5611 A2 card functions exactly the same.
Communication services:
    • PROFIBUS DP master Class 1 including acyclic DP expansions with SOFTNET-DP
    • PROFIBUS DP master Class 2 including acyclic DP expansions with SOFTNET-DP
    • PROFIBUS DP slave with SOFTNET-DP slave
    • PG/OP communication
    • S7 communication with SOFTNET-S7
    • S5-compatible communication (SEND/RECEIVE based on the FDL interface) with SOFTNET-DP or SOFTNET-S7
PC card Type II (CardBus 32-bit); for programming device/PC with PC card slot and notebook computers
Can be used with:
    • STEP 7 from V5.2
    • SOFTNET-S7 V6.1
    • SOFTNET-DP, SOFTNET-DP slave from V6.1
    • STEP 7-Micro/WIN from V3.2 SP4
    • ProTool®, ProTool/Pro® V6.0 SP2
    • NCM PC from V5.2
    • SIMATIC PDM V5.2 SP1

The appropriate OPC servers are included in the scope of supply of the respective communication software

More software needs to run in the professional version of the Windows2000/XP operating system platform, the family's version of the Windows operating system does not support more than software.
Technical specifications:
Transfer rate: 9.6Kbps~12Mbps,Corresponding to the maximum distance communication standard in line with the PROFIBUS
Interface: connecting PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI, the isolation of the 9-pin Sub-D socket
Isolation Voltage: 1000VDC (maximum 3000VDC, to be customized)
Protection of the interface: RS485 port with anti-lightning surge protection, repeatability surge capacity: Ipp = 100A (10/700us, 4KV)
Standard ITU-TK20/21, VDE 0433. ± 15KV ESD (ESD) protection
Over-current protection: RS485 port can withstand up to 60V voltage caused by the sustained over-current
PC Connection: laptop PCMCIA slot standard (32bit, CardBus), in support of TYPE Ⅱ or TYPE Ⅲ standard PC card;
Express slot standard notebook computer, by converting Express to PCMCIA adapter card;
Desktop computers PCI slot, to be converted from PCI to PCMCIA adapter card. Standard voltage: 3.3VDC 
Power: 1.0W
Operating temperature: -20~+75℃ 
Dimensions: length×width× high (mm): 130×54×5(DB9F Department socket height of 22mm) 
Weight: 70g
CP5512 scene with connectivity devices:
Siemens and PC Adapter and PC Adapter USB Adapter different, CP5512 can be connected to a lot of equipment at the scene of the bus ports, such as Siemens S7-200/300/400PLC touch-screen or the PPI/MPI/PROFIBUS port, EM277, ET200, such as on-site bus A variety of equipment PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI/FWL field bus port.

CP5512 fieldbus devices to connect with the need to use special PROFIBUS cables or extension of the MPI cable (Siemens products, for: 6ES7 901-0BF00-0AA0)


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