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IEEE1588 PTP Time Tester/Analyzer

BPT-001 IEEE1588 Test Set is a portable instrument designed to help the development and deployment of the time synchronization technologies, especially IEEE1588 PTP (Precision Timing Protocol) based devices and systems.

BPT-001 Test Set supports high precise measurement reference clock, which can be synchronized to absolute time such as GPS (Global Positioning System), Galileo, BD-Star (Chinese version GPS system) systems. The reference clock can also be synchronized to external time by external GPS interface or IRIG-B interface. This design makes BPT-001 Tester Set can be used to test absolute timing (reference to absolute time), or relative timing(reference to local reference time).

BPT-001 Tester Set can be used to monitor, capture, store, analyze timing messages. IEEE1588 PTP messages, IRIG-B-DC, IRIG-B-AC, IRIG-B- Modified Manchester coded timing code, and serial (EIA-232 or EIA-422) timing messages are supported.

BPT-001 Tester Set can monitor, capture, store, analyze timing pulses. Multiple PPS (pulse per second), PPM (pulse per minute) signals can be tested against the reference clock, and errors against the high precise reference clock can be measured. BPT-001 Test Set can measure frequency, pulse width, and SOE (Sequence of Event).

Synchronization often takes a period of time to progress to the lock state. During this period of time, quite some message exchanges and adjustments are in progress. To help watch the whole process, all data collected during the test on the BPT-001 Test Set can be saved into USB disk, and be replayed. This feature even includes the Digital Scope function. While in scope mode, BPT-001 saves the sampled data into the USB Disk frame by frame. When in relaying, each stored frame of data can be recalled and checked to determine any hidden issues.

For high speed Ethernet traffic, traditional scope is powerless. BPT-001 Test Set PTP protocol analyze function can be used to capture and analyze all PTP messages, to help solve any PTP message problems. All captured messages are time tagged at nano-second level, and can be stored into the USB disk for replay and detailed analyze.

When BPT-001 Tester Set don't need to be worked as the PTP system components, it can work at passive mode at back ground, just collect and analyze the PTP message exchanges.To support BPT-001 Test Set's various functions, settings and options are used to control the features, such as which version of PTP to use, or which channels are enabled to measure timing errors, or from which channel the IRIG-B test signal is connected. BPT-001 Test Set support easy ways to change these settings and options, and once changed, BPT-001 Test Set will automatically remember them, and recall at next visit to the function.

BPT-001 IEEE1588 Tester Set supports both IEEE1588 PTP protocol specification version 1 (IEEE Std 1588-2002, IEC61588 2004-09) and specification version 2 (IEEE1588-2008). For version 2, P2P or E2E delay measurement schema modes are supported. When work in master mode, BPT-001 Test Set supported both P2P and E2E, and will automatically adapt to the slave's delay measurement mode.

Functions and Features                  Measurement Specification

Time Reference

High Precise Reference Clock and Build-in Absolute Time Source

Relative Reference Time and External Time Synchronization

Measurement and Test Functions

PPS Measurement                        PPM Measurement

IRIG-B Timing Signal Test         Serial Timing Message Test

Frequency Measurement          Pulse Width Measurement

SOE Capturing                      Digital Storage Scope Function

PTP Protocol Analyzer

PTP Functions

PTP Grandmaster Clock               PTP Slave Clock

PTP Boundary Clock                 PTP Switch Simulation

PTP Traffic Watch and Analyze

Timing Signal Outputs

1KHz, 10KHz, 1MHz, 1PPS, 1PPM, 1PPH outputs

IRIG-B outputs


Touch TFT color LCD based GUI

Console serial port based command line HMI

IWhilst carrying out the test and measurement functions, at the same time in the back ground, BPT-001 can be set to work as or to simulate any part of the PTP synchronization system components, to generate or pass through needed PTP network traffic. BPT-001 Test Set can work as PTP Grand Master Clock, PTP Slave Clock, PTP Boundary Clock, and dual port PTP enabled Ethernet switch. For example, to test a PTP Master Clock, BPT-001 Test Set can be set to work as a PTP Slave Cock to inter change PTP message with the Master Clock under testing, to check its functionality.




Internal GPS/Galileo  Synchronization



Internal BD-Star Synchroniztion



Internal Measuremen t



Pulse Input Measurement



IR IG-B-DC Measurement



IR IG-B-DC-Modified Manchester Code



IR IG-B-AC Measurement



Serial Message Time, With dedicated PPS



Serial Message Time, Start of Message



Frequency Measurem en t



Pulse Width Measurement



SOE capture



PTP Message






Optical Fiber Input

3,ST   820nm    62.5/125um    Multimode

Isolated TTL

2,BNC   Nominal Input0V – 2.3V        2 500V RMS for 1 minute per UL1577


1,BNC   Nominal Input10Vpp    Input Impedance600  -Ohm

Empty Contact

1,BNC   Propagation Time<20us, typical 5us     Isolation5300V

EIA-232 Port

1, shared with EIA-422 DB9           2500V RMS for 1 minute per UL1577

EIA-422 Port

1, shared with EIA-232 DB9           2500V RMS for 1 minute per UL1577

Digital Scope Specification

8 Ports Every channel can be set to trigger             Scan rate500ns/DIV  – 20ms/DIV      Trigger rate1s >= rate >=TBD


2 Ports Interfaces-RJ4510/100/1000M-BASE-T Interfaces-Optical Fiber1000-BASE-FX, SFP, single mode or multi mode

USB host port

1 Ports US B me mory and USB disk

USB device port

1 Ports    Serial Console port     Maximum current need15mA

Build in Time Sync Source Specifications

GPS Receiver30ns      BD-Star receiver100ns

External Sync P orts

Optical Fiber   input channelsProtocol     supportedIRIG-B Message + PPS


GPS Absent      Aging per Day+/- 5PPB      Aging per Year+ /- 0.5PPM

Rubidium atomic clock

Short Term Stabilit y , T= 100s     Aging per Day+/- 4E-11     Aging per Month+ /- 3E-10     Aging per Year+/- 1.5E-9

Touch Color LCD

5.7’   Resolution (Pixel)320x24 0Xrbg      Number of colors262K (6 bit per RGB)

Console Port

Port InterfaceMini-USB Port TypeUSB-Serial

Power Supply

85V – 250V Universal AC Input            Power Consumption<30W


Portable 4 70mm x 315 mm x160mm    6.3 kg


Operating Tempe rature0 - 40°C     Storage Temperature-20 - 60°C     HumidityTo 95% without condensation


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