Industrial Zigbee Gateways

USB to Zigbee Wireless Gateway

USB to Zigbee Wireless Gateway/Module/Converter(BUE-ZIG-USB)

Detail description:


BUE series of USB to Zigbee wireless serial communication device, using the Zigbee wireless technical, is compliance with the industrial standard. It has advantages of long communication distance, strong anti-jamming, flexible network to make sure transparent data transmission among many devices with self-organizing star, line and mesh network topology.



Long communication distance: maximum 1500m at sight

Strong anti-jamming function: 2.4DSSS

Flexible serial application: transparent format or instruction format, maximal baud rate 115200

Flexible node type: coordinator node, router node or end device (optional)

Strong network function: star, tree, line, mesh

Big network capacity: 16channels for choosing, 65535 network ID to be set


Technical parameter

Wireless Protocol: Zigbee2007/PRO

Wireless frequency: 2400-2485m 2.4 ISM free frequency range

Channel: 16channels

Channel detection: CSMA/CA

Antenna rate: 250K stable

Networking construction: star, line, tree, mesh

Network capacity: 65535

Transmission type: broadcast or target address to send

Input voltage: DC5V

Average power consumption:0.6W

Transmit power output: 25dbm

Baud rate:  bit rate 1200-115200 optional

Standard accessories: 3dBi glue stick antenna, data wire and the USB driver.

Optional accessories:  suction cup antenna with extended cable

Work Temperature: -20-70C


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