GPS NTP Time Servers

Mini NTP Time Server(Low Cost)

Economical Mini GPS NTP Time Server


Technical parameter:


1. Receiving frequency:1575.42MHZ, it can track 8-12 GPS satellites at the same time.

2. Antenna radio sentivity:-166dbw, with 30 metres wire. If the wire is not long enough, customer can prolong it by himself by selection of coaxial-cable that attenuation of 1.56GHZ is not more than 0.7db per metre, the attenuation of prolonged cable is not more than 5db.

2. Time Accuracy: Irig-B: 100ns. NTP/SNTP: 10ms

3. Capture time: from 20 seconds to 2 minutes

(Annotate: the outputs of synchronous clock are all isolated by photoelectricity coupling and output 60ns)

4. Time code output of SY-M-1-NTP : 1 channel of NTP/SNTP+1 channel of 1PPS+1 channel of RS-232.


Product features:

  • Accurate universal atomic clock reference.
  • Supports all NTP compatible devices.
  • Ideal for power substations,oil & gas field,CCTV and DVR applications.
  • Far lower cost than competing products.
  • Ideal for closed or secure networks.
  • Direct network interface for remote siting.
  • Simple setup — one IP address.
  • Automatic GPS lock and time sync.
  • Extremely compact design(Dimension: 15.8x14.6x6.0CM)
  • Indoor location (GPS antenna on a window).
  • Integral watchdog for long-term reliable operation.
  • Rack, wall mount.
  • Work temperature: -20 to 70C.
  • Very low power use.

Product advantages:

  • Low cost: Cost is just half of 1U size master clocks,very economical.
  • GPS antenna & software free: We offer free 30m GPS cable with antenna and free NTP/SNTP software.
  • Small size: Can be portable to anyware and can be mounted to any place.
  • Low freigth cost: Because of small size and weight, the freight charge of it is just 50% of 1U size master clock.


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