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GPS Redundancy Time System Solution


Buenoptic can offer full GPS redundancy time solutions,the system can switch the GPS time source to another one when one master clock is out of GPS signal,thus it's the guarantee of high accuracy time synchrozination.For the important places such as big substations,mobile telecommunication and other sites,the GPS time server must provide 24-hour time synchronization without any disruption.The traditional single GPS source master clock might lose signal or stop work due to antenna fault,power supply loss or master clock defection,which might cause the time output out of synchronization.With Buenoptic SYNCH(SY) series GPS redundancy time system, the time server system's safety and accuracy will be greatly improved.

Structure of SY GPS redundancy time system:

GPS antennas: 2 pieces. 30 meter long cable each,with surge-protection(SPD).

Master clock: 2 pieces, with serial time outputs to time switch.

Time switch: 1 piece.

Time code distributor: 1 piece or more. 1 distributor can support 1 to 24 channels of NTP/SNTP,IRIG-B,RS232,fiber optic time output ports.

Time switch lantency: 0




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