Profibus Couplers

Profibus DP Repeater(Bridge Coupler))

Profibus DP to DP Coupler(Protocol Repeater)

Profibus DP repeater is a kind of protocol conversion repeater, which can provide BUS isolation.The module can be used independently, it can replace 6ES7972-0AA01-0xA0,it can prolong the transmission distance,increase the BUS nodes and bridge different networks.

Functions and Characters

  • It does not require a configuration, the application is simple and convenient
  • RS-485 interface,in compliance with EN50170 Part 1
  • Support bus rates 9.6kBit/s, 19.2kBit/s ,45.45kBit/s, 93.75kBit/s, 187.5kBit/s, 500kBit/s;1.5MBit/s, 3MBit/s, 6MBit/s,12Mbit/s.Auto-sensing baud rates.
  • Can be connected in a multi-drop BUS way,32 pieces can be connected together in a BUS line.
  • Isolation:1.5KV
  • Power is DC12 to 30V 
  • With failure alarm relay output
  • 6 double color LED indication module current states

Technical Specifications:

Voltage/power supply

Operating voltage DC24V(20.4V….28.8V)

Reverse wiring ,Over voltage protection Yes

Signaling contact 0.1A @ 250V AC (350V DC),MOS

Power supply on PA Segment

Output voltage DC 31V(DC30V….32V)

Voltage monitoring 12V

Power failure bypass min. 5ms

Input current < 3A

Output current

Up to 50° ambient temperature < 500mA

Up to 60° ambient temperature < 360mA

DP electrical port

Setting transmission rate Automatic or Switch setting

Bus protocol PROFIBUS DP

Input/output signal RS 485 level

PIN assignment EN 50170 Part 1


Storage temperature –40 °C to +85 °C

Relative humidity <95 %, non-condensing

Protection class IP 20

Dimensions (W x H x D) 40 x 110 x 74 mm

Housing material Die-cast zinc

Weight approx. 600 g


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