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CanOpen Repeater

CanOpen Protocol Repeater

The CANOpen Repeater is a kind of protocol bridge repeater,which is used to prolong the distance of CANOpen communication,increase the nodes and improve the isolation ability.The repeater is based on industrial grade and it has low power consumption and easy mount way.When the CANOpen repeater connects 2 CANOpen networks,the 2 networks work at the same rate,the system has auto-sensing function.The CANOpen repeater uses 5 PIN block terminal interface,which is in compliance with CANOpen standard.

Technical Specification:

Bus Topology: Point to point link

Flow control function: Yes

CANOpen Bus Interface: 5 PIN block terminal,in compliance with European standard

Transmission Type: Prototocl, CAN frame transmission

CAN standard:CAN2.0A、CAN2.0B

CANOpen Baud Rate:10Kbps、20Kbps、50Kbps、62.5Kbps、100Kbps、125Kbps、250Kbps、


Buffering: 128 frames buffer

Power Input:DC9V-DC30V, < 2W ;

LED Status:Data,Power,Work status,Alarm

Dry Contact Alarm Output:Relay Interface,24V@1A,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Housing:D35mm DIN Rail,40x 110 x 74(mm)


Vibration:In compliance with IEC68-2-6


Work Temperature:-25℃ ~ +75℃;Humidity:95% No condensing;

Storage:-45℃ ~ +85℃

Standard:CANOpen Standard

Electromagnetic:EN61000-4-2(8KV ESD)

EN61000-4-3,ENV50204(anti-electromagnetic 10V/m at 10KHz-1GHz)

EN61000-4-4(2KV Fast pulse group)

EN61000-4-5(Common mode 1KV,Differential mode 2KV SPD)

EN55022(Radiation class B)


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