DeviceNet Fiber Optic Converter

Configurable DeviceNet Fiber Optic Converter

DeviceNet Fiber Optic Converter(No Cascading)

Model: FO-FIB-100PT


The DeviceNet series products provide an optical point-to-point or multi-drop bus network connection for DeviceNet data interfaces on one or two, multi mode or single mode optical fibers. The DeviceNet Point-to-Point fiber optic converter units operate as the end or terminal points and provide an electrical connection and a two fiber optical connection. The units support CAN 1.0 and CAN 2.0 CAN standards, and Device Net. And are transparent to all high level protocols.It adopts the latest technology in the world,it can be transmitted to 20Km when it's at the baud rate of 125/250/500K.

Product Features

  • Up to 500K data rate(Support high rate and long distance transmission)
  • Baud rate Configurable,by software and rotary button
  • Multimode and singlemode
  • Single fiber solution
  • Buffering: 1000 frames/second
  • Wall mount, rack or chassis configurations
Data Formats CAN1.0 ,CAN2.0 , Device Net
CAN Data Rate 125/250/500K
Bit Error Rate <1 x 10-12
Data Screw Block Terminal
Fiber ST, SC or FC (ST fitted as standard)
Operating   Temperat ure - 3 0 C--- +70 C
Storage Temperature - 40 C--- +85 C
Operating   Humidity 0- 95%
MTBF >100,000 Hours
Fiber Multi mode or single mode
Wavelength MM: 850/1550nm, SM: 1310/1550nm
Number of fibers 2 or 1
Power Input +9 to +40V DC
Dimensions 156(W)×108(D)×33.6(H )mm Wall Mount & DIN Rail


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