RS232/485/422 Gateway & Bridges

RS232/485/422 Isolated Converter

RS232/485/422 Isolated Converter(BUE-H485-D)

The BUE-H485-D can convert RS-232 serial port signal to two wires semi duplex RS-485 signal or four wires full duplex RS-422 signal,with 2500V photo electricity isolation. It need a +5V DC power supply.
RS-232/RS-485/422 converter,,RS485 two wire semi duplex,Standard DB9 port
15Kv static protecting and 600W/ms lightning protecting
Particular protecting circuit for the serial port,
Industry level design, excellent import element chosen, all surface adhibit techniques
Power Supply: RS232 Port powered, RS485 DC5V power supply
Working current :<10mA
Baud Rate: 300~38,400bps
Communication distance: RS485/422 port 1.5km(9.6Kbps)
Max. nodes: 128 nodes
Isolation voltage: 2500V
Isolation method: Two sides signal isolate between each other
Protect voltage: 7~8V
Protect capability: 600W/ms
Static protect voltage: 15KV
Working temperature: -40℃~85℃
Weight: 36g(Include the terminal block)
Dimension: 87mm×33mm×17mm (Include the terminal block)



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