RS232/485/422 Gateway & Bridges

RS232 Isolated Long Distance Communication Repeater

RS232 Isolated Long Distance Communication Repeater(BUE-232-RP)


The BUE-232-RP is converter long distance RS-232 signal with isolation and anti-jamming. It is used in pairs and no need external power, full-duplex working.


15Kv static protecting and 600W/ms lightning protecting
Particular protecting circuit for the serial port, plus-and-play supported;
Particular technique of serial port power getting of 95% high efficiency;
TX, RX, GND 3 lines signals isolation, current loop transmission
Particular protecting circuit for the serial port
Industry level design, excellent import element chosen,

Power Supply Port powered, no need external power supply
Working Current < 10mA
Baud Rate 300~28, 800bps
Communication distance Max. 3km
Isolation voltage 2500V
Protect voltage 7~8V
Protect capability 600W/ms
Static protect voltage 15KV
Working temperature -40C~85C
Weight 36g(Include the terminal block)
Dimension 87mm× 33mm× 17mm(Include the terminal block)



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