RS232/422/485/CAN/Profibus Hubs

RS485 Fiber Optic Hub

RS-485 Fiber Optic Hub(BUE-HUB-485FO)

The star network fiber optic hub is used to star fiber optic network ,transmit RS-485 to 8 ways fiber optic star network at a high rate and protracting the distance of communications and resisting the disturbing.The dependability,security and secret of the communications is much better.


RS-485 convert, duplex communication

Support cascade function ,can enlarge to n(2-16)ports or more

unique serial port protection electrocircuit, support hot_swap

Built _in intelligent module, auto_recogonize

600w/ms Lightning protection ,15kv static protection

Transparent transfer, baud rate adaptive , no need change protocol

Baud Rate: 0-500kbps

Connector Type: Terminal

OpticPort: SC、ST、FC can choose

Transfer Distance Multimode: 5 km


Suitable Fiber Multimode: 62.5/125μm or 50/125μm,singlemode9/125μm

Sensibility: ≥-10dBm,≤-32dBm

Error Rate:≤10-9

Net Topology: Star net

Working voltage: AC/DC 220/110V,24V,12V

Working Current: <400mA

Size:  340mm(L) X 170mm(W) x 44mm(H)

Working Temperature: -40℃~85℃

Humility: 0~95%

Wave length Singlemode(-S): 1310nm/1550nm

multimode (-P): 850 nm/1310nm



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