Power Protection Relays

Digital Relay Protection Device

Substation Digital Relay Protection Device(Protection Relay)

Measurement and Control Equipment BPD001A series of protection by the line protection, transformer protection, capacitor protection, reactor protection, standby power from the cast, composed of motor protection, can be used for 110kV and below voltage levels of power grid and power plant auxiliary power system. Through the use of high-performance 32-bit CPU will be protection, monitoring and control, communications functionality in one integrated, fit and substation integrated automatic system or the electrical power plant automation systems. Devices can be installed Group centralized screen can also be directly installed in the switch cabinet to carry out decentralized control.

1.2 Technical Features

1 Overview:

1.1 Main uses and programs:

Using the most popular high-speed processor, Frequency up to 200 MHz, built-in resource-rich, easy external circuit design, product manufacturing quality assurance and stability. Sufficient hardware resources, 4M bytes Flash Memory memory, 8M bytes SDRAM.

With USB interface, available through U disk directly upgrade software, can also put information and fault recorder data moves directly into the U disk to facilitate fault analysis.

Measuring three-phase current and zero-sequence current (Ia, Ib, Ic, I0), three-phase or line voltage (Uan, Ubn, Ucn, Uab, Ubc, Uca), active power P, reactive power Q, power factor cosφ, frequency f, meritorious electricity kWh, reactive power kVarh.

Current, voltage, power, power measurement not only reflects the fundamental value, but also accurately reflect the 2 ~ 13 sub-harmonic, so that the measurement results with a dedicated line measurement meters.

Along with DC 4 ~ 20mA analog output (can be customized for the current, voltage or power) to replace capture transmitter communicate.

Up to 14-channel DI,Users can customize the name.

Way to protect the export of components through the tripping matrix setting, the convenience of users to select the relay action. Contact may choose to export all the relays for tripping contact (automatic return) or signal contact (after reversion back).

Independent Trip circuit adaptive 0.5A ~ 5A switch current Reclosing jump.

GPS options on PPM or PPS, as well as support for IRIG-B time-mode (RS485 interface).

Differential protection to prevent equipment to start or outside the failure resulting in differential protection saturated TA maloperation criterion.

Valid and reliable criterion disconnected PT effectively prevent low-voltage electrical components malfunction.

Two 100M Ethernet communication interface, a RS485 communication interface to support the IEC60870-5-103, Modbus and other protocol.

9 recorder, and each wave contains the 1.9 seconds recorded in the sampling point and the amplitude of waves recorded, the sampling points, the largest recorded wave volume contains the 14-channel analog (interval 1mS), the largest wave amplitude recorded contains 40 analog amplitude and 32 switch (interval 5mS). 2 motor start recorded wave (interval of 100mS), activated before the 1S, after 29S. Wave was recorded using standard Comtrade format.

The full graphical programming technology, as well as stable and reliable protection relay library, improve reliability and correctness of the procedure.

Machine static low power consumption (about 6W), LCD module using the new technology, life expectancy increased substantially.

High anti-interference performance, by 10 Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing & Certification, fast transients, electrostatic discharge, surge anti-interference performance are the highest grade (Ⅳ grade) standard.

Working ambient temperature range: -25 ℃ ~ +55 ℃ (liquid crystal non-fuzzy, slow phenomenon).


1.3 Protection device type and configuration:


Device Type

Function Deployment



Line Protection

3-zone composite voltage overcurrent protection / 3-zone directional zero-sequence overcurrent protection / Overload protection / Autoreclose / Manual closing synchro-check / Closing Post-acceleration protection / Low frequency load shedding / Undervoltage load shedding / Lower current ground wire selection / Measurement

35kV and below the line voltage


Line Protection

3-zone composite voltage overcurrent protection / Zero-sequence overcurrent protection / Overload protection / Post-acceleration protection / 4-20Ma Output / Measurement

Power into the line, bus coupler switch


Transformer Differential Protection

Differential Protection / Differential instantaneous protection / Differential current overcurrent alarm / TA wire break blocking

110kV and below voltage levels and higher capacity of the transformer 6300kVA


Transformer’s Noumenon Protection

Transformer’s noumenon protection / Independent Trip circuit

BPD001E Transformer Backup Protection

3-zone composite voltage overcurrent protection / Zero-sequence overcurrent protection / Gap zero-sequence overcurrent protection / Zero-sequence overvoltage protection / Overload protection/ starting ventilation /On-load voltage-regulated blocking / Measurement


Transformer Protection

3-zone composite voltage overcurrent protection / Overcurrent inverse time-limit protection /2-zone negative sequence overcurrent protection / HV side zero-sequence overcurrent protection / LV side zero-sequence overcurrent protection / LV side zero-sequence inverse time-limit overcurrent protection / Overload protection / Overvoltage protection / Undervoltage protection / Noumenon protection / FC blocking / 4-20mA output / Measurement

2000kVA plant the following change, by change, grounding change


Capacitor Protection

Instantaneous overcurrent protection / Overcurrent protection / Overvoltage protection / Undervoltage protection / Zero-sequence overcurrent protection / Neutral unbalance overcurrent protection / Neutral unbalance overvoltage protection / Measurement

Shunt Capacitor Bank


Reactor (cable) Differential Protection

Differential Protection / Differential instantaneous protection / 3-zone composite voltage overcurrent protection / Zero-sequence overcurrent protection / Overload protection / Measurement

Series reactor, cable lines


Standby Power Supply Automatic Throw-over Equipment

Bus coupler Automatic Throw-over / Progressive lines Automatic Throw-over / transformer Automatic Throw-over / Service power source Automatic Throw-over

Standby power Supply Automatic Throw-over Equipment


TV Protection

2-zone undervoltage protection / Busbar insulation Check / Measurement

35kV and below TV cabinets

BPD001K Motor Integrated Protection

Instantaneous overcurrent protection / Overcurrent protection / 2-zone negative-sequence overcurrent protection / Negative-sequence inverse time-limit overcurrent / Overheat protection / Rotor-locked protection / Single-phase ground fault protection / Undervoltage protection / Overload protection / Non-electric quantity protection / FC blocking / 4-20mA / Measurement

Following 2000kW induction motors

BPD001L Motor Differentia And Integrated Protection

Differential protection + Integrated protection + Measurement

Asynchronous motor 2000kW and above

2 Technical performance and indicators:


2.1 Rated electric parameters:

Power supply:

DC rated voltage: 220V or 110V

Permissive variation: -20% ~ +15%

Ripple coefficient: not larger than 5%

Rated current, voltage

AC current: 5A or 1A

AC voltage: 100V or 100/V


2.2 Principal technical indices

Accurate operating range

Current: 0.04In ~ 20In (In = 5A or In = 1A);

Voltage: 1V ~ 140V;

Frequency: 45Hz~55Hz

Measuring accuracy:

Current: Class 0.2

Voltage、Power: Class 0.5

Frequency: ≤±0.01Hz;

4-20mA DC: Class 0.5。

Setting error:

Setting error: no more than ± 3%;

Action time error: set the time limit protection, not more than (± 1% setting value +40) ms; inverse-time protection, not more than ± 5% setting value or ± 40ms.

Telesignalling resolution

Less than 2ms.


PPM or PPS:GPS devices provide the interface requirements for air optocoupler, voltage greater than 50V;

IRIG-B:DC Time Code, RS485 interface

Contact capacity:

Operation of circuit tripping current and switch current: 0.5A ~ 5A adaptive;

Trip space contact: 5A (DC220V closure of capacity); signal space contact: 5A (DC220V closing capacity).


2.3 Environmental conditions

Ambient temperature: -25°C ~ +55°C

Relative humidity: 5% ~95% (no condensated dew or ice inside produce)

Atmospheric pressure: 66Kpa ~ 106Kpa


2.4 Power consumption:

AC current circuit: As IN = 5A, not larger than 0.5VA each phase;

As IN = 1A, not larger than 0.3VA each phase;

AC voltage circuit: At rated voltage, not larger 0.5VA each phase;

DC power supply circuit: For normal operation, not larger than 10W;

As the system operates, not larger than 20W


2.5 Overload capability

AC current circuit: at two multiples of rated current, continuous operation; at 10 multiples of rated current, 10s is permitted; at 40 multiples of rated current, 1s is permitted.

AC voltage circuit: at 1.4 multiples of voltage, continuous operation


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