Power Protection Relays

Electricity Theft Monitoring System(Power Theft Detection)

Electricity Theft Monitoring System(Power Theft Detection)

Introduction of Electricity Theft Monitoring System

Some enterprises or people,especially the high energy-consumption factories are addicted to stealing electricity to save the electricity cost,which caused the great loss to the electricity distribution companies and disordered the power industry. Because of the new electricity theft technology and the electricity theft devices are becoming more and more intelligent,the anti-theft job is faced with the unprecedented difficulty.

In order to solve these problems and help power distribution companies to detect the electricity-theft actions and crack down on the theft.Our company developed out a new “electricity theft monitoring system”. The system collect the first data by load detection device and compare it with the second data collected by user’s power meter.it can timely monitor the users’ electricity consumption value and avoid the theft.

The electric theft monitoring system is designed for monitoring the industrial and commercial consumption of electricity. The system is the outcome of our efforts for years in the power monitoring system.The system is quite effective and reliable,which is the good friend of power grid distribution enterprises

The Structure of the Anti-theft System(Especially for independent substation users)

The electricity theft monitoring system is applied into anti-theft field and it’s special for the industrial and commercial power consumers.The system consists of Load detection instrument,wireless data receiver and Master station.

The Advantages of the Electric theft monitoring System

1.High reliability,hard to be damaged

2.Timely monitoring

3.High efficiency,solve the theft from the root.

4.Economical, the system’s cost is much lower than the amount of electricity that was stolen.

5.Easy and simple installation, can be installed even when there is electricity.



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