Case Study

Serial Redundant Ring Fiber Optic modems Used in European Wind Farm

Through years efforts,a medium-sized wind farm was finally completed in Eastern Euope and Buenoptic RS-485 redundant ring fiber optic modem also became one important part of the wind farm's networks system. The whole project needed 175 pieces of DIN Rail RS-485 redundant ring fiber optic modems to combine a redundant ring fiber optic network.RS-485/232/Ethernet & Profibus redundant ring networks is quite common in power systems(substation,wind farm,solar plant,ect) due to the safety of ring networks.Once one node is faulty, the redundant ring fiber optic modem will start the self-healing recovery function to maintain the normal work of the whole network,thus the whole network will not be influenced by one faulty node and keep working, which is very important for the power grid systems where the safe network is much more important than anything.

The below is one of the the configuration of the project: