Case Study

Industrial Ethernet Switch Applied to Taizhou Yangtze River Bridge

Project Introduction

The main bridge of Taizou Yangtze River Bridge is the first triple-towered double-super-span steel suspension bridge in the world. The full length of main bridge and the approach is 9,726 m, the width of deck is 33 m.The bridge shortened the highway travel distance between Taizhou and Changzhou from 150 km  to 30 km and reduced travel time from 1.5 to 0.5 hours. The solution provider applied Bueno industrial ethernet switches in the network infrastructure of the Integrated Environmental Monitoring System, which refers to the process of implementing environmental data collection and broadcasts.

System Requirements

1.Serial device server integrated Ethernet switches are required to connect peripheral serial devices and form a redundant fiber ring. 2.The devices should be able to work under damp and high temperature harsh ocean environments. 3.The devices should be anti corrosion due to the strong salt spray fog. 4.High EMC performance for the usage of the devices in high electromagnetic interference.

Buenoptic Solution

Buenoptic offers the network solution for the whole system, which is consists of vehicle control, bridge information broadcasting, power monitoring, bridge weather station, steel structure drying, and aircraft warning light systems. There are 23 pcs of industrial Ethernet switches deployed in the North and South fast Ethernet redundant fiber rings that control 33 message sign boards, 39 street lights, 39 power monitoring stations, 4 bridge weather stations, 5 vehicle license plate recognition devices, and 24 aircraft warning lights on the top of 3 200m height bridge towers. The system ensures all traffic and weather information are reliably broadcasted and keeps traffic running smoothly and safely.

The erosion of the materials caused by huge salt spray fog brings a huge challenge for the devices working in such an river environment. However, Buenoptic industrial Ethernet switches are specially designed for such a harsh environment, and its outstanding anti-corrosion performance with the conformal coating design, wide operation temperature and high EMC level features enable the devices to perform with unprecedented reliability and stability.