Case Study

Motor Control uses Ethernet remotely with significantly less wiring

B E Design designs Motor Control Center using Ethernet increasing safety and allowing factory personnel access to important information remotely.

What industries would find this most relevant?

Engineering or system integration services

Food, beverage, or tobacco

Industrial machinery

Which of your engineering specialties does this project best illustrate?

Automation and control engineering (including designs and implementation)

Control panels (including fabrication, installation, and UL listing)

Networking and communications (including fieldbus, Ethernet, and telemetry)

Describe the nature and scope of the project in greater detail

In the 1950s, Motor Control Centers were originally introduced and used by the automobile manufacturing industry which uses large numbers of electric motors. Today, they are used within many different industries for a variety of applications in industrial and commercial settings. With the advances in technology, a Motor Control Center no longer just turns a motor on and off. The newest generation of MCCs offer several options for communication, power monitoring/management and safety design;