The Advantage of Smart Power Meter

Smart Power meter is the smart grid construction, electric power customer electricity information collection system construction is the most basic unit, smart meters change is closely related to the power of the families. At present most of the customers to use electricity in our province of power meter is single function of the more common electronic watt-hour meter, no communication function or communication mouth damage, is now can not meet the national construction of smart grid, smart electricity and the need of power remote automatic information acquisition, and most of the service life of power meter is about to reach its installation, according to the requirements of relevant national laws and regulations, should rotate new power meter.

Install the smart power meter advantages:

1) Make life more convenient. Intelligent power meter can be realized through the acquisition system of automatic meter reading, improve the meter accuracy, reduce the disturb for customers.

2) Users can real-time understand their electricity through electric power company website.

3) Make life more low carbon. Smart power meter can be both electricity and sell electricity twofold measurement attributes. Such as: can link to a small family and devices, such as wind power and photovoltaic roof so as to raise the proportion of clean energy consumption, reduce the pollution of the city.

4) Make life more economical. Smart power meter support time-sharing electricity prices, ladder electricity price and electricity price policy implementation, can help customers to choose the way of electricity, save energy, reduce the energy expense. By the calculation, when customers choose and optimize the utilization way actively, can reduce more than 15% of the peak load and more than 10% of the total demand.

The electromagnetic radiation:

Please rest assured, won't produce power facilities called \"electromagnetic radiation\", will not cause harm to human body. Electromagnetic radiation is a physical phenomenon, refers to the spread of the energy in the form of high frequency electromagnetic waves in space. Three-phase AC power system in our country are used in 50 hz, the wavelength of 6000 km, the electromagnetic field can't alternation in the form of electromagnetic wave propagation in space, do not produce electromagnetic radiation. In the international authority file, the electric field and magnetic field caused by ac transmission facilities have been explicitly referred to as the power frequency electric field and magnetic field, power frequency and not according to electromagnetic radiation, and the power frequency magnetic induction intensity is very low. Now, for example, three of the most common voltage grade 110, 220, 500 kv transmission line on the ground of 1.5 meters above the power frequency magnetic induction intensity is far less than 100, equivalent to the distance of 3 cm microwave power frequency magnetic induction intensity of 1/2. Substation station bound 1 meter outside the power frequency magnetic induction intensity of less than 10 micro, TV set, washing machine power frequency is equal to the distance 3 cm 1/5 of the magnetic induction intensity, and far below the recommended limit prescribed by the 0.1 mm (mT).