Why CAN Bus Will Gradually Replace RS-485 and RS-232

CanBus is the earliest Bus technology is used in electronic systems, aircraft, tanks and other weapons of communications. Will this technology used in civil car originating in Europe, the bus network is used to the car in the car all kinds of sensor data transfer.

As the CANBUS developing and perfecting, as a kind of advanced technology, high reliability, good function and reasonable cost of remote network communication control mode, the CAN - BUS is no longer limited to automotive electronics field, also is widely applied to various other automation control system. In Europe, the americas, Asia CAN - bus bus technology has been widely applied in the field of engineering machinery, some famous international engineering machinery companies such as CAT, VOLVO, liebherr, widely used in the product CAN - bus bus technology, greatly improve the reliability of the whole machine, CAN be detected and maintainability, and at the same time improve the intelligent level. At home, the CAN - bus bus control system are also beginning to is widely used in auto control system, the construction machinery industry, such as automatic control, intelligent building, electric power systems, security monitoring, etc) are also being gradually popularized.

CANBUS technology application in our country started relatively late, the CIA in 1995 published a full version of CANopen communication protocol, gradually causes some units and the general application of science and technology workers of our country interest. Airlines big at the end of 1996, Beijing university published the CAN BUS principle and application of system design, a book, the application of the CAN BUS enthusiasm was up. Application after that, the CANBUS is like a bamboo shoots is published in the journal of science and technology of all kinds of related, at the same time, these applications like snowball, and so did the colleges and universities and scientific institutes, such as the development of positive enthusiasm and the electronics company of the chip, introduces the application of the CAN BUS technology more widespread inspired CAN - BUS technology research boom. Therefore, be regarded as the most promising fieldbus technology, by industry CAN BUS technology in our country, many in the industry has been widely used, its application level gradually improve. Because the CAN bus technology of good real-time, high reliability, the advantages of the good resistance to electromagnetic interference, make it quickly based on serial data work environment. Application in our country, the CAN - BUS technology is the key in body building monitoring and control system of elevator control system, the robot's distributed control system, ship control system and the medical instrument main monitoring system, testing system, mine monitoring system, and so on many domains, presents a thriving scene.

With China's industrial automation level unceasing enhancement, the CAN - BUS technology will inevitably with the advent of the era of fieldbus, and constantly in our country's economic reforms and the huge demand for open markets and more extensive application.In the fire alarm and other security fields,the control devices cancelled the some RS-485 and RS-232 interfaces and replace them with CAN Bus interfaces due to the high reliability of CAN Bus.In such a high automation world,people are more and more keen on high reliability Bus communications,Can Bus in near future will definitely be the main trend for industrial automation.