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Monday, 13 February 2012

Bueno's New CAN BUS Fiber Optic Converter(No Cascading)

After 2 year's efforts,Bueno R&D team successfully worked our new CAN BUS Fiber Converter without Cascading.It has been put into American market and the market response is well enough. The product Feature is as the below:

Outstanding features: CAN high-speed transmission to solve the distance limitations
bus architecture: all of the other bus, multi-multipoint communication, support burst data transfer
flow control: negative frame-based flow control algorithm (FRR), an agreement to achieve CGNTP
network: star, chain, double fiber ring, point to point, cascade up to 200 stations
Transmission delay: the delay of light to the light minimum 200ns, up to 8.7us
solution Ring mode: LisRing proprietary ring technology solutions, auto-negotiation to generate the root node without any configuration
solution Ring speed: up to 1ms time of self-healing ring network, fiber optic connection can automatically restore
bus interface: 5-line European-style terminals, there are optional 120 ohm termination resistor can be used to connect terminals
Transmission type: protocol type, CAN frame transmission, bridge conversion
Frame Type: Support CAN2.0A, CAN2.0B
support rate: See behindŸ schedule
rate settings: DIP switch
Forwarding mode: store forward
storage depth: 160 transmitter buffer

optical form: ST, FC or SC connector can be customized forms
light power:>-13dbm (single-mode system),>-20dbm (multimode systems)
received light sensitivity: <-28dbm (single-mode system), <-34dbm (multimode systems)
Distance: Single mode, 0km ~ 20km; multimode, 0km ~ 3km
Input Power: DC9V-DC30V, <2W; DC24V @ 80mA typical no-load continuous
LED Status: optical line, dataŸ port, operation instructions, etc.
Alarm output: Relay interfaces,Ÿ 24V @ 1A, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
chassis structure: D35mm rail,Ÿ 40x 110 x 74 (mm)
Ÿ chassis technology: metal casting; Protection class: IP40
Ÿ vibration characteristics: compliance with IEC68-2-6
Ÿ Weight: about 500g
temperature and humidityŸ characteristics: temperature, -25 ℃ ~ +75 ℃; Humidity: 95% non-condensing;
Storage Temperature: -45 ℃ ~Ÿ +85 ℃
standard: CAN StandardŸ
EMC: EN61000-4-2 (8KV staticŸ case)
EN61000-4-3, ENV50204 (EMI 10V / m at 10KHz-1GHz)
EN61000-4-4 (2KV quick burst)
EN61000-4-5 (common mode 1KV, 2KV surge differential mode)
EN55022 (emission to class B)