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Thursday, 01 March 2012

Our Ethernet Switches Used in ABB(China)'s Steel Plant Projects

Project Overview
With the rapid development of the national economy and the state of the strong commitment of the infrastructure, China's surge in demand for steel, the steel mills to increase productivity and steel quality, the general DCS control system to replace the conventional analog control. DCS control system, via Industrial Ethernet in different plant instrumentation and PLC connected to the same network, and remote monitoring.

ABB has the steel and nonferrous metals industry-leading automation solutions provider, established long-term cooperation relationship with many steel makers in China. Automated reconstruction projects in several major steel mills in Henan, one of the main providers of industrial Ethernet switch and serial communication products together to provide customers with the perfect solution.

In Steel DCS,they used BUENO's industrial ethernet switches products, including HFB5, HFB5-SC, HFB8M-2SC and HFB24-2SC and other solution features include:

By RingOn function ring network self-healing time is less than 15ms, so as to ensure real-time and reliability of the network;
Each workshop fiber connectivity, support for long distance transmission, strong anti-EMC / EMI capacity;

IP30 degree of protection, industrial DIN rail installation, to meet the steel harsh environmental requirements;

Support user-defined alarms, and via Email sent, providing the operator real-time alerts;
WEB-based management approach, to facilitate the system for remote maintenance and management.