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Monday, 19 December 2011

CAN-BUS Applications in the Car

CAN-BUS controller area network bus technology (Controller Area Network-BUS) has become a factor of category whether the vehicle is the "digital". In essence, CAN-BUS is a real-time data bus technology. Throughout the body through the sensor to the vehicle in the collection of a variety of information, do not give the address of the signal receiver, the sender can signal the security encoded data is sent to all recipients, prone to short frame way to achieve high real-time data; high-speed CAN-BUS can be sent every 32 milliseconds bytes of valid data, the receiver each signal read from the bus on their own the data they need. With CAN-bus can significantly reduce the use of wires, also reduced the relative number of the contact line, CAN-bus transmission speed according to their differences and then divided into high-speed (HSCAN), medium speed (MSCAN) and low-speed (LSCAN) network. In general, safety, handling of related computer architecture for high-speed network; associated with audio and air conditioning in the medium-speed networks; and are complementary with the phase in the low-speed network. And each network as a relay between the gate by a computer to exchange information. What is CAN-BUS, the image of that in the past after opening the engine, you can see a series of lines, all of these lines are now gone, is for the replacement of a fiber, if I cut it into two words, If you do not touch, you immediately can see the light, the transmission speed is very fast, it is natural to mention the cost is very high. You can think of, the traditional wiring harness car circuit by connecting electrical equipment, which requires a lot of lines, and these lines need to plastic packaging, plastic will be used for a long time after the aging process of the car in the exercise of the temperature is so high, Therefore, the plastic will break, it will have short circuit, the general use of one or two years more than three years when the car is not here, there is something wrong, they are actually wrong line, and now these lines into an optical fiber, first, When we open the hood, when only one optical fiber; Second, there is no line aging, no fault, short circuit phenomenon, but the cost is very high, basically we use the local area network control system. The more high-end CAN controller inside the car more, there are two, three, four, and of course not the same price, and now we see 25 million more than the price of the car have this thing, do not look down on this thing, In fact, it is a module that there are many switches, components, interfaces, and if you want to connect the two modules, when only that an optical fiber, so that transmission fast, no problem. In this example illustrates one of the most common vehicles in the current difference between the previous car: the traditional groups in the vehicle engine cooling water temperature sensor will inform the engine control computer, respectively, and the water table through the instrument panel tell the driver; in with CAN-bus is a vehicle to take a cooling water temperature sensor by the engine control computer converts the signal, and then sent to the instrument panel of the water table. In a traditional car, there will be an additional line from the cooling water temperature sensor received a dashboard to provide the information required for water table; However, in today's cars can reduce these unnecessary extra cables and connectors, thus reducing The fault may be generated. POLO CAN-BUS with Shanghai Volkswagen POLO popular car in the market, POLO cars on the configuration of many advanced technology and equipment, but also increasingly become the focus of consumer concern. CAN-BUS technology's biggest advantage is to reduce the number of the wiring harness and controller interface pins, at the same time can more easily and quickly to achieve on-line programming, online diagnosis and even more new features such as joint action controller . CAN-BUS technology in the communications node is a controller, intelligent sensors or smart execution unit, in the POLO vehicle, and only six communication nodes to replace the complex wiring harness, easy to achieve a full car data sharing. POLO data sharing for the entire vehicle into a car's overall intelligence, which has the self-regulation, for example, turn off the engine when the parking time, CAN-BUS type system will comfort dormant state of the system is in the low power to reduce energy consumption. Once received the door open signal, without starting the engine, the system wakes up immediately activated, the entire nodes started to accept the message, the vehicle adjust to the best working condition. Highly intelligent CAN-BUS technology, used in the POLO cars on the CAN-BUS technology, but also assume the same role. POLO cars equipped with the third generation of electronic anti-theft system (WFS-III), its advanced security design is based on CAN-BUS technology. First, make sure check the legality of key information through the CAN-BUS for delivery, improved encryption algorithm, the parity information than the previous anti-theft system is more abundant; Secondly, the car keys, security storage controller and engine controller each other information, can not be deciphered, to improve security. SEAT CAN-BUS Skoda Auto is the most "practical" typical models. Since the debut in the country, with its simple and smooth appearance, excellent safety performance and excellent value for money in the sales of imported cars dominate the market. It is particularly worth mentioning is that 04 Octavia series uses very advanced in Europe CAN-Bus system. In addition, 04 new Octavia is equipped with central door lock (through a door switch in the driver's seat, can control the whole car off and open the door of a control device, and with it even if the windows were broken and not after open the door from the outside into the car.) new intelligent key role in the anti-theft system, if not the correct password, even if the key is exactly the same shape after you start the engine, 3 seconds will automatically turn off. This technology, in its class is a rare Touran CAN-BUS from 2004 to 2005, the name China as a whole car scene is particularly bright, as people talk about the center of the topic. MPS put forward new ideas, people confined overnight MPV subvert the state, and to define a new utility vehicle standards. Both for the domestic automobile market, or for fans Touran is an exciting news. Touran 1.8T also combines advanced Bosch Motronic ME7.5, 32MHz electronic control system, can greatly reduce the mechanical loss of the engine is running, the engine in all operating conditions can have good fuel economy, achieved a small heart large output. In addition, Touran 1.8T also uses CAN-BUS bus LAN function, the power system with ABS, MSR, MASR system controller, the combination of instrumentation and automatic transmissions and other controllers connected to a larger power in the same time, they have a good the economy and handling, better meet the emissions requirements. Drive system, comfort and information systems of three sections. Given the address of the receiver signal, the signal sent by the security encoded data is sent to all recipients, high-speed CAN bus can be sent every millisecond 32 bytes of valid data, the receiver each signal read from the bus on their own whichever is the required data.