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Monday, 27 May 2013

HFD RS485 Fiber Converters on Wuxi Subway Project

On 26th,May 2013,Bueno sent engineer team to Wuxi subway project to help the projectors construct the wiring of data communication which is an important part of subway signal control.

Wuxi subway project with 8 subway lines will come to conclusion in 2013,the subway signal control project had already been started from 2012,which has used 910 pieces of HFD series DIN Rail RS-485 fiber optic converters made by Bueno.The HFD fiber optic converters are placed in Siemen's cabinet devices and the 2 cabinets distance are just 20 to 50 meters,due to the high magnetic inference in the subway tubes, the projector has to use fiber optic cables to connect these devices to avoid the magnetic interference,thus the HFD series are finally choosed by the projector.