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Saturday, 20 July 2013

NARI Substation Automation Projects for MEA Boom in Thailand

Nanjing NARI group  won Thailand MEA power company's (Thailand) 20 EPC package for substation monitoring and control system reconstruction project. This is NARI's third consecutive winning Thai MEA substation EPC project, at this point, NARI's construction and renovation of substation EPC project in Thailand has reached 45, market share of more than 30% in Thailand region, broke the Europe and the United States electrical giant monopoly on substation automation system in the region.


NARI's wiinning of the project is currently the largest scale and highest amount of the winning project in Thailand, will use the NARI's independent research and development based on IEC61850 standard NS3000 digital monitoring system products, the project contains the Thailand Bangkok within the jurisdiction of MEA 20 substation automation monitoring system of equipment procurement, design, installation, debugging, etc.


The deposits of around 20 substation all concentrated in the Thai capital of Bangkok, covering the key areas of power supply in BKK.