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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Shanghai Electric Got 9 Overseas Projects

Shanghai Electric has successively built nine overseas projects,which accounted for nearly 20% volume of their turnover.

In the northwest of the Indonesian resort island of Bali, a group of employees from Shanghai electric power construction co., LTD are busy with the construction of new power plants. Scheduled to be completed next year of the first phase of Bali, Indonesia to 3 units of 142 mw coal-fired power plant project, Bali is a standalone capacity, with a total installed capacity are the largest coal-fired power plants, as the "green heart" vacation paradise. And this is just a project of Shanghai turbine overseas engineering, recently, reporters learned from Shanghai turbine company, today, the pace of Shanghai electric power construction co., LTD from domestic to international, in South America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

In recent years, in the face of the present situation of the domestic power plant construction task gradually atrophic, with 60 years history of Shanghai Electric turned around in time, according to the strategy of "international priority", to develop the overseas business, has built the Vietnam cave, Sudan Khartoum north station of power plant, coal-fired power plants, power transmission and transformation project in Sri Lanka, Indonesia's Bali island nine overseas such as gas turbine power plant project in Iraq. International business from a handful, up to now accounting for nearly 20% of total business.

Brand influence and rich construction experience, make Shanghai turbine "make" overseas very confident. With the technological progress and management innovation, Shanghai turbine continuously improve project quality and enterprise management level, erecting brand standard at home and abroad. Jiang Lindi party secretary of Shanghai Electric company, since 2009, turbine construction in Shanghai waigaoqiao power plant phase iii, caojing power plant a few million kilowatts units such as engineering, for three consecutive years won the highest honor in China construction exposition, the national high quality project, by the end of last year, 36 project of Shanghai turbine have been awarded the international power station respectively, the Asian power gas power generation project gold medal award for the best, national quality engineering exposition, etc.

In spite of this, international business from domestic project transformation, there are still many difficulties to overcome. Laos HongSha total installed capacity of 3 units of 626 mw power plant project, Shanghai turbine for the desulfurization system, chimney, and all the circulating water system, such as cooling tower, there is a three tube chimney, three cooling tower, such as high-rise buildings, large volume, high quality requirements, the construction is difficult. "Such as yellow sand and gravel, not worth of supplies at home, here have become important factors of restricting the progress." Project manager Shi Yaohui introduction, gravel 40 kilometers distance from the scene a stone factory, transportation time to 3 hours; Yellow sand 53 km distance from the scene of the Mekong river, transportation time to 5 hours, every year in May - September rains and can't provide. So, procurement staff deep into the mountains for many times, looking for new sand source and Shi Yuan.

Bali again project, here scenery charming, but carry out the construction of infrastructure is a challenge. "As a world famous tourist destination of Bali, if the environmental damage caused by the construction, influence is very big." Project manager Huang Xiaoming tells a reporter, Shanghai turbine engineering before the implementation of environmental protection measures for the detailed planning, big to construction technical plan formulation, small to life, the processing of construction waste. Take the project the dining room, the only change in the past, in the form of coal as fuel and use bottled gas this one, is spending 1 million yuan more for this cost. The Bali tourism is given priority to, lack of industrial base, construction equipment, steel and general construction materials shall be from the outside into the ocean shipping. Overseas supplies as much as possible in order to control cost, project staff went around near the city's main building materials, machinery market, research inquiry, to carry out the supplier, sometimes to a little spare parts to take several days to find.

In the next 3 to 5 years, Shanghai Electric will continue to play is located in Shanghai's location advantage and internal advantage such as technology, management, talent, further expand overseas market, strive to five years, the international business proportion to rise from the current 20% to about 50%.