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Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Electric Industry Development of Vietnam & Malaysia


Vietnam national power installed capacity of 8.86 million kilowatts, 2002 new installed capacity of 633000 kilowatts, an increase of 7.69%. Hydropower accounts for 47.26% of the total installed capacity. Have a state power company.

Vietnam electricity 35.8 billion KWH, 2002 growth of 16.96%. The 30.26 billion KWH electricity. Average annual growth rate of 15.9% since 1995. 2002 sell electricity income 22.349 trillion Vietnamese dong ($1.458 billion), profits 1.844 trillion Vietnamese dong ($120 million).

1. The Vietnam national electric power company

Vietnam national electric power company (ELECTRICITYOFVIETNAM, EVN) is a concentration of power generation, transmission and power supply in the integration of state-owned power enterprises, 93% of the nation's power capacity and all belong to EVN substation and power grid.

EVN in addition to the functions of the management and staff of 14 plants, four regional power grid companies, 7 electric power company, the national load dispatch center, electric power communication company, four engineering consulting firms, power training schools and independent institutions such as electric power equipment manufacturing company.

(1) EVN transmission conditions

Vietnam grid has 500 kv, 220 kv, 110 kv transmission voltage grade three. There are four regional power grid. The dispatching system is divided into national dispatching center, regional dispatch center and distribution dispatching center.

Due to historical reasons, Vietnam's distribution network composed of all kinds of voltage grade. Urban and rural power distribution network run by seven electric power company. The power supply line loss.suggestions in 2002 was 13.41%. Vietnam's industrial and MinYongDian main part of the total electricity consumption, 42% and 48%, respectively.

(2) EVN research and development status

EVN equipped with energy research institute, but more focused on energy policy research, there is no specific technology research and development institutions. EVN to realize electric power development is also need to set up a corresponding technology research and development institutions, has now launched by high pressure test.

EVN pay close attention to the application of information technology, information center has become a key management entity of the EVN. And it is in the United States, the world bank and SIDA (Sweden) and other funding, EVN have established financial, customer, customer service management information system. Is currently in power generation, transmission, distribution, operation, maintenance, and other fields to establish unified company management information system. Communication is one of the important services EVN. With international and domestic communications services license issued by the government, including fixed phone, VOIP, line rental, INTERNET access and exchange services. EVN in communications services goal is to become the domestic biggest telecom service providers.

(3) the EVN financial situation

EVN2002 in net worth of $2.207 billion, $1.5 billion, $95 million net profit, net profit margin of 6.3%.

2. The Vietnam electric power development plan

Vietnam is to strengthen the construction of power grid, from now to 2010, the new 14524 km transmission line, the new 3826.5 kva substation capacity, including the second 500 kv lines were under construction.

To improve the reliability of power transmission and distribution, reduce the line loss, improve the quality of electric power transmission and distribution, investment to repair and expand and update the distribution network, line loss.suggestions reduced to 10% by 2010. By 2010, the new low voltage line length of 282714 km and 1901 kva substation capacity.

Strengthen investment, financing, and attracting foreign investment for electric power construction, efforts to achieve between $1.5 billion and $2 billion each year, domestic and international financing, in order to meet the annual average of 15% ~ 16% of electricity demand growth needs. Encourage investors to construction of IPP and BOT power plants. By 2010, Vietnam is planning to build 32 EVN power plants and 89 IPP, BOT power plants, a total investment of about $10 billion.

3. Vietnam electricity technology needs

Vietnam electric power development at present the main problem is: in northern Vietnam electric capacity shortage; Load the rapid growth of demand; Big peak valley difference; Power grid reliability and stability of the problem; The power supply line loss is bigger; The large capacity power problem; International coordination problems (with China) connected to the technical standard, and the corresponding control measures.

Vietnam electricity technology needs mainly include: improve the level of power grid, power plants, substation control standards and, if establish unattended substation, etc.; Need to analyze the development and operation of the whole system and research; Set up a corresponding technical standards; EVN prepared to set up some research institution, to research the problems in power system, is the preparation of the high pressure experiment, the need for technology and staff training; In 2010 in central Vietnam planning in nuclear power plant construction, the cultivation of the technical cadres, training and financing aspects of the work is under way.

Vietnam in electric power construction, many problems existing in the production and operation, is an urgent need to communicate with experts and technology of China, learning experience and technology of China.

4. Pay attention to and to solve problems

Vietnam is a country with a developing rapidly in recent years, the economic growth rate is higher, electric power development speed is faster. Vietnam national and EVN are ambitious to the development of electric power, full of confidence and hope in all aspects of the electric power construction. In addition to electric power construction and operation, but also very concerned about communication, information, manufacturing, technical research and development and so on many aspects. But in the process of development, Vietnam also faces many problems need to be solved and difficulties, including financing, the construction of the new project, security and stability and economic operation of power system, such as the technical problems in technical cooperation for the power system in China and Vietnam have created good conditions and output.

Vietnam is an urgent need to solve the problem of long distance transmission of power grid stability. Vietnam has a north-south 500 kv lines more than 1500 kilometers long, is building another 500 kv lines more than 2400 kilometers long, its frequency and voltage stability problems will have to face and solve.

Vietnam is an urgent need to enhance the level of its electric power equipment. In addition, Vietnam and China southern power grid network, also need to satisfy the operation requirements of China power grid.

EVN is very attention to the technical standard. With the expansion of the power grid and power, opening-up and cooperation, the establishment of technical standards is very urgent for electricity. Hope to be able to close cooperation with China in the field of standardization.

Vietnam's problems at present, China will be able to provide a good solution, but Vietnam aspects of China's specific technology and the ability to understand enough, communication channels are not very clear. So, it is necessary in both sides more to increase communication.


Malaysia grid consists of west Malaysia grid power grid and east Malaysia, east Malaysia and west by the south China sea apart, more than 600 km. In 2002, the installed capacity of 14.024 million kilowatts.

Malaysia's power system by the national electric power company (TENAGANASIONALBERHAD, TNB), sand and waterlogging, the power companies and independent power generation companies. West Malaysia grid by the national electric power company management in Malaysia, and Singapore and Thailand connected to the grid. East Malaysia grid is composed of the sand waterlogging and sabah electric power company, sabah power company owned by the state power company. East Malaysia and west Malaysia grid has not been connected to the Internet.

1. The state power company in Malaysia

Malaysia was established in 1949, the central electricity board, 1965 to the national power authority, in 1990 changed to state power company (TNB). TNB is one of the largest companies, Kuala Lumpur stock exchange capital market value of about 29 billion ringgit ($7.6 billion), the net worth of us $3.1 billion. TNB have power generation, transmission and distribution.

TNB as a big power company, widely involved in the business field, in addition to prop up its power generation, transmission and power supply necessary for the core business of professional technical and engineering institutions, companies, also in the financial, communications, and manufacturing investment, also have independent research and a university. TNB2002 years revenues of $4.046 billion, $298 million net profit, net interest rate of 7.4%. Malaysia the installed capacity of 14.02 million kilowatts, the TNB is 9.1482 million kw, accounted for 65.3%.

(1) the TNB transmission conditions

Is one of the core business of TNB transmission business, from design, engineering, operation and dispatch to the maintenance of the system, overall responsibility for power grid operation of the west Malaysia.

TNB transmission system across the whole peninsular Malaysia (west), combined with all power plants and users, with 132 kv, 275 kv and 500 kv constitute the national grid.

State grid interconnection in the north, the south and Thailand power bureau, through two submarine cables are connected to the power system in Singapore.

(2) the TNB power status

Peninsular Malaysia (west Malaysia) power generation by TNB and independent power suppliers (IPP), independent power suppliers and TNB electricity purchase contracts.

TNB also in Pakistan has installed 235000 kilowatts of independent power generation companies. The subsidiary sabah power company in east Malaysia sabah also USES power purchase contracts for electric power marketing.

TNB power plant is mainly composed of thermal power and hydropower. Coal-fired power plants using conventional steam turbine, power plant using runoff and capacity of hydropower station. In addition to buy power from its own plant and independent power suppliers, TNB also to buy power from Thailand and Singapore to meet peak demand.

(3) the TNB research and development situation

TNB is equipped with a wholly-owned institute, the name (TNBR) for TNB research company, a former national power authority departments, mainly to undertake research and development work of TNB. TNB to TNBR r&d funding, every year for more than year sell electricity, on the basis of per KWH electricity 0.1 ringgit (about 0.0263 cents). Calculated at TNB quantity sold in 2002, research and development funds of about $16.72 million in 2003. TNBR are involved in the research and development power generation, transmission, distribution, environmental protection, etc.

2. Power technology requirements in Malaysia

Malaysia counterparts very focus on the relevant technical problems of power grid dispatching, they are very honest introduced several major blackouts in Malaysia, and put forward a series of technical problems, hope for further communication and discussion with us. These technology problems include: voltage control problem; System dynamic stability (buckling) problem; Overhead line, cable and transformer overload; Power line lightning protection, fault location and line lightning arrester; The transient fault record, etc.

3. Pay attention to and to solve problems

Malaysia is a good country rich in resources, economic development, to the requirement of electric power system safe and stable and reliable power supply is very high. TNB is the national electric power company, is also a shares of the listed company, so for the high demand for electric power operation technology and management technology, the demand is urgent.

Because the total grid capacity is not big, Malaysia and east horse and west separately, with Singapore and Thailand's power contact is not very close, there are a number of problems with power grid stability. Grid stability accident to happen from time to tome, national blackout happened in 1996, power grid solutions listed accidents happened in 1998. So they are very concerned about the problem of stability of power grid and are keen to technical communication with China.

TNB have relatively complete system of power generation, transmission, distribution, maintenance, but many of the techniques and equipment is not able to fully meet the needs of power system operation and management, a lot of work need to use external resources.

TNB large capacity equipment needs to be imported from abroad, the basic needs of high technology to control the electric equipment imports. Because of the blackout accident in recent time, Malaysia is to evaluate the applicability of the western equipment. Malaysia colleague also noted that China's vast power grid running in good condition, so the electricity control equipment in China, especially in high pressure and ultrahigh pressure relay protection equipment is very very attractive to them.