HD Video to Fiber Optic Convertr

DVI Video Fiber Optical Converters


The 4-coreS DVI Fiber Optic Video Converter transmits signal over fiber from 10km to 80km,。Transmitter through circuit used for the monitoring of the local computer, the receiver has an output port on the transmitter and receiver LEDs to show power, video and optical signal status .The system of specialized applications in professional A/V, security system, campus environment, industrial monitoring, as well as a large hall (Stadium), and so on, to meet remotely access a computer or video signal. Because data is transmitted through optical fibers, virtually no interference.


Card version or desktop version available, which is applied to 2U rack mounting

8-bit digital code and non-compression video transmission

Support any high-resolution video signal

5Hz-8MHz video channel

Automatic compatible with PAL, NTSC and SECAM video system

With APC circuit, constant output optical power, and large dynamic range

Kilo mega optical fiber transmission, large capacity, and easy to upgrade

Status indicator light which can monitor it's running status

Support no-damage regenerative trunk of video

Advanced self-adaptive technology, All optical interface and electrical interface is unnecessary to adjust

Industrial design and modularization design make the equipment reliable and flexible

Can automatically restore the fuse of power supply

Full built-in power supply, unique appearance design. External dimensions (95mm*107mm*25mm)

Internal power dissipation: 2.6W (Input: AC 140~260V)


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