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Communication Gateways

Substation Computer(Gateway)

Substation Embedded PC

Supports DNP3,NTP/SNTP,Modbus RTU/TCP,

IEC60870-5-101/102/103/104,OPC,IEC61850 Mapping MMS

And all other substation communication protocols

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Power Serial Device Servers

RS-232/485/422 Ethernet Converter

N-port Serial Device Servers

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Profibus DP

Profibus PA

Gateways & Repeaters

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Other Fieldbus Repeaters

CANOpen Repeater

DeviceNet Repeater

ControlNet Repeater

Modbus Plus(MB+) Repeater

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RS232/422/485/CAN/Profibus Hubs

N-Ports RS-232/485/422/CAN/Profibus/Lonworks Hubs

RS-232/485/422/CAN/Profbus/LON to Fiber Optic Hubs

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RS232/485/422 Gateway & Bridges

RS-232/485/422 Isolators & Converters

RS-232/485/422 to CAN Repeaters

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Industrial USB

RS-232/485/422 to USB Converter

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