RS232/422/485/CAN/Profibus Hubs

24 Port RS-485 Hub

RS-485 Hub(BUE-485B-HUB-24C01)

The BUE-485B-HUB-24C01 series Star HUB transforms RS-485 Bus into star topology or stelliform topology. Viz. transform two ways RS485 bus input into   24 ways RS485 bus output, and the installation will be quite simple. This enables RS485 bus technology to be quite flexible. The product transforms long-distance distributed nodes, slave devices, and a master device into a dependable RS-485 bus network.Either RS-232 or RS-485 protocol is available. It supports POLLING Protocol. This product is a simple interface converter. It is transparent and compatible with all upper protocol levels.

The Star HUB can be widely used, such as Industrial Controls, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Industrial Networking, Supervisory Control and Data (SCADA) and so on.

1.2 Technical Specification

  • DATA Number of Channels: 1-2( Input ); 24 RS485( Output )
  • Interface: TIA/EIA-485
  • RS-485 Working Rate: 0 ~ 500Kbps
  • RS-485 Distance: 0 ~ 1200m
  • Maximum Interface Access Nodes Number: 128
  • Connector Type: Terminal


  • Operating Temperature: -30 ~ 70˚C / -30 ~ +158ºF
  • Operating Humidity: 0 ~ 95% non-condensing
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF): > 70,000hrs
  • Power Supply Adaptor: AC,DC 220V/110V,24V,12V,+5V
  • Enclosure Color: Silver
  • Dimensions (Wall mount: L× W×H) 340mm(L) X 170mm(W) x 44mm(H) The size depends on RS485 port number. Standard is 1U chassis rack.


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