RS232/485/422 Gateway & Bridges

RS485 Isolated Repeater

RS-485 Isolated Repeater(BUE-485-RP)

Rs-485 Isolated repeater Introduction
The Series Rs-485 Isolated Repeater utilizes automatic bidirectional switching requiring no control signal. This product can insulate Rs-485 for a distance up to 1.2Km. This product enables equipment connections to the bus to be doubled. All upper levels protocol is supported.
The Series Rs485 Isolated Repeater can be widely used, such as Industrial Controls, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Industrial Networking, Supervisory Control and Data (SCADA) and so on.


Isolation 3000Vsm

Lightning/Surge  Protection 1~2  lightning  strikes

ESD  Protection 15KV



Connector  Type Terminal

Data  Rate 0-115.2Kbps

Extended  Distance 1.2Km



Operating  Temperature -40  ~  70C  /  -40  ~  +158F

Operating  Humidity 0  ~  95%  non-condensing

Mean  Time  Between  Failure  (MTBF) >   70, 000hrs

Power  Supply  Input  Voltage 9~18V  DC

Power  Supply  Output  Voltage 5V  DC




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