2 Newly Increased Features of CAN FD

CAN FD (CAN with Flexible Data Rate) is an improvement of CAN protocol (based on CAN2.0), what is the difference between CAN and CAN FD?


Compared with CAN protocol, CAN-FD has two new features:


1, support variable rate


A) The arbitration section is the same as the standard CAN rate


B) data segment: rate up to 8Mbit/s


2. Support a larger payload


A) The frame length can be up to 64 bytes


Characteristics CAN be seen as follows: Advantages of CAN-FD:


Faster write rate

Avoid splitting data into multiple frames

Reduce the bus load on the existing bus

Avoid splitting the network

Through the above elaboration, CAN-FD CAN alleviate the problem of insufficient bandwidth resources of CAN bus to a certain extent. At present, some domestic Oems mainly use CAN-FD protocol in two ways: one is to fix the communication content and only increase the packet length; The other is the idea of AUTOSAR, which uses the idea of PDU to achieve more flexible applications.