GPS NTP Time Servers

NTP Analog Clock

NTP Analog Clocks

Product feature of the NTP Analog Clock

  • Standard 12 Hour Faceplate
  • Uses external (or your own internal) NTP source for accurate time source
  • All international time zones
  • Daylight saving time – available and configurable for all countries
  • Uses standard Ethernet wiring
  • PoE (Power over Ethernet)
  • Internal crystal
  • Two LED Status Indicators


Setup and control software

•Supports DHCP/BOOTP for automatic acquisition of network address, and time server configuration

• SNTP synchronization

•Provides dynamic configuration for networking parameters, time zone/daylight saving time

•Configure clocks through provided client software

• Client software provides automatic

discovery of NTP clocks attached to network without changing PC’s network configuration


• CE Marked - available for sale in EU


• 15” (38.1cm) round black plastic case with Plexiglass face

• Surface / wall mount

• Weight –0.6kg


• 3 . 3 VDC , 0.5A

• D C power adapter and cord

• PoE (Power over Ethernet) option available

• < 1.8W power consumption

Operating Temperature and Humidity

• Temperature: 0 to +50°C

• Humidity: Up to 90% (non-condensing at +25°C)



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